• About Our Company

    What we do

    Balthasar Capital Fund Management is a fund management company established in New York to support the activities of the real estate investment developers through private equity. Our team is experienced in sourcing, valuation, investment planning, carrying out construction of residential, commercial and mixed-use development in Europe and the USA.


    The Land Safe Opportunity Fund I is the first in the family of opportunistic real estate funds that we have established on the East Coast with a focus on the investment in real estate accompanied by a deep transformation of the assets primarily on the East Cost of the USA.


  • Our Ticket

    Our investment philosophy size-wise

    Coinvestment Funds

    Usually the funds we service usually play the roles of coinvestment partners in bigger investments in real estate projects. In these cases our ticket may be $ 5- 25 million dollars.

    Ad Hoc Funds

    We also from time to time service a limited quantity of ad-hoc investment funds that have been created for a single project. In this case our ticket may be $ 50 million dollars and more.

  • Investment Strategy

    How we add value

    Deep Transformation

    On behalf of accredited private and institutional investors, Balthasar is sourcing and acquiring properties with a view to substantially redesign, improve and sometimes reorient to other segment of end clients.


    Short Term

    Balthasar works hard to keep the asset turnaround to a minimum to ensure quick results for the investor.

    Separate Accounts

    For both our private families and institutional investors, Balthasar is acquiring attractive properties through an audited fund, either for individual clients or a small “investor club deal”. Each of the fund investment can be made severely, into a specific asset, or the risk can de spread for all assets in the fund. Balthasar currently focuses on core assets (strategically located properties in major markets throughout the U.S) and value-add investments (properties in need of repositioning and/or management in the market). Such single asset investments generally have a holding period of one to two years.

  • Our Team

    Why we can do it

    Denis Saklakov

    Managing Patner

    Denis Saklakov is responsible for investor relations and the Fund administration. Denis has and extensive experience in the major corporate and investment US, Dutch and a German bank, one of the largest industrial investment funds, where he organized the financing of large-scale real estate transactions. Denis holds an MBA of the Kellogg School of Management.

  • ESG Message


    We believe that every investment analyst should know about the risks and opportunities of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. We help investment professionals better understand ESG issues in investing.


    The ESG investing ethos embodies our efforts to promote a fiduciary culture and a more sustainable form of capitalism through our Environmental Social and Corporate initiative. This is a global effort to shape a more trustworthy, forward-thinking financial industry that better serves society.


    Balthasar sustainability agenda prepares projects in consideration for a changing climate, a growing population, aging infrastructure, and an evolving economy with increasing inequality. In order to ensure quality of life for generations of New Yorkers to come, our programs help create housing for a growing population, provide clean and reliable energy, and improve transit capacity.



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    25 Broadway, 9th floor, 10004, New York, NY

    tel. +1-917-214-6885

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